Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 7:30pm

HARMONY HALL- Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD


What is Your Passion?

Learn how you can fulfill your dreams.

GUEST SPEAKER: Tanya Pritchett

AGENDA: Crime report, Voting on TSCA Charter Amendments (*including merger with TSACA), Presentation, TSCA Elections, and Update on The Right Tree, Right Place Program.

PLEASE COME OUT TO THIS IMPORTANT MEETING and bring your neighbors too!

MGM selected to build casino at National Harbor in Prince George’s











A state commission voted 5 to 2 Friday to award Maryland’s sixth and final casino license to MGM Resorts International, which wants to develop a $925 million casino complex at National Harbor, the waterfront development in Prince George’s County.

Friday’s decision by the Maryland Video Lottery Facility Location Commission marked the second high-stakes win in a long and costly campaign waged by MGM, which spent about $40 million last year to support the state’s referendum to expand gambling.

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President’s Corner — Happy 2014!

If you’re like me, a bottom line person—then you may be asking yourself what’s the purpose of the Tantallon South Civic Association and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR ME? Answer: It’s a community association devoted to discussing and ACTING on important issues that will help make our neighborhood a better place to live. 

The new direction, also addresses making the Association a viable networking forum where you get to know who people are, what they do and what’s of interest to them.  Imagine finding out that your neighbor three doors down is licensed plumber (and your toilet is broken), or your kids play on the same soccer teams (now carpooling is an option).  The Association plans to have more speaker’s from the neighborhood talk about their jobs…boards they sit on, or other areas they feel would be useful to the community.

What does the $30.00 annual membership fee go towards?  Like any other membership (i.e gym) there are administrative costs to cover (we have a post office box, website, special events just to name a few costs).  We are also discussing ways to increase membership and that will include marketing methods (better signs for meetings etc.).  You will receive news and information about County programs, crime reports, and other government topics that affect our neighborhood; services such as the Neighborhood Watch group and access to a viable Network.  The BENEFITS to you outweigh the COSTS. 

WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN FOR YOU?  The Tantallon South Civic Association is the best thing to help you maintain the vitality of a very important investment you’ve already made- YOUR PROPERTY!  Now is the time to get connected.  Join today!