TSCA Services


  • Membership is open to all property owners in the area of Tantallon South and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Annual dues are $30.00 per household and it’s effective through 12 months (collected every January).
  • General body meetings are held every second Monday of the month @ 7:30pm, Harmony Hall-10701 Livingston Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744.
  • To download an application go to: http://www.tantallonsouth.com

To accomplish the goals of the organization every member must actively participate.  Regular communication will ensure that changes are made in your neighborhoods, and that any new concerns are addressed accordingly.


TSCA Goals

The goal of this Association is to determine the needs of our neighborhood through monthly meetings and personal discussions to help:

  1. Advocate for maintenance of  homeowners’ properties and adherence to local ordinances.
  2. Monitor activities of local government and inform the members as it may impact our neighborhoods.
  3. Provide information and resources on topics of interest to the community.
  4. Maintain working groups to address specific community issues